Those Finishing Touches to your Wedding

Beautiful “LOVE” letters for your wedding day.

It’s a day of celebration, a day to declare your love to your partner for the rest of time.  Say it in big bold lights…!

My “Love Lights” are 4ft high and use modern LED lighting.  Gone are the worries of children being burnt from hot bulbs and all the letters are PAT tested for you and your guests safety.

You can hire the “Love Letters” as part of my entertainment packages, or on their own, please call and ask their availability.

Telephone: 0141 583 1098  Mobile: 07717 616131


Venue Mood Lighting – Add that wow Factor…

Some venues are full of character and that’s all it needs, but some other venues look a whole lot better when lit the right way with venue mood lighting.  I have invested in the very latest LED Up-lighting wall wash panels that provide a stunning enhancement to your venue. I can set these lights to your wedding colour or colours for your day and night. I could write line after line telling you how good it is, but I think the picture says it all.  Available for all day hire, or evening only hire, Call for details.

Personalised Gobo Projection, Glasgow.

Gobo projection lighting can add that little finishing touch to the vision of your party.  Whether it be a Christmas party, Hogmanay bash or your wedding day celebration.  Imagine your company logo on the wall, couples names on the dance floor or whatever.  The only limitation is your imagination.

Telephone: 0141 583 1098  Mobile: 07717 616131


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